Instant messages with users in a specific geographic area

What is it?

Blitzy is a 100% free and safe chatbot that works inside Telegram. If you have no confidence with this type of apps you can read more here on Wikipedia or search the web from many nice introductory articles on chatbots and their advantages.

All the users form a community that can exchange instant messages with text and media basing on their location and interests. There are billions of smartphone users, potentially they could be your real time extension to anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

Blitzy is different from other platforms or user groups. It is thought especially for smartphone users, so beside the platform matching criteria, the user position and a mobile oriented interface play an important role. Let's give a look at the key features:

Instant messaging

IM is the best way to communicate with pocketable devices, as the explosion of these apps is witnessing. No need to scroll and search social boards, we provide easy conversational interface and customizable push notifications. Current version is based on Telegram, one of the world leader in this field, more IM platforms will be supported in future.

Current position

The mobile user typically change position. Blitzy makes super easy to update current position to get relevant messages. With the touch of a button the gps position can be quickly acquired (we might introduce an optional agent that automates this task periodically) or for those who prefer, a city name or address or point on a map can be used.

Real Time

The real time nature of IM combined with an updated position let you get the info you cannot find with search engines. It's easy to find info on a place of interest but if you need real time info on waves, wind or snow of your favorite wild place or a photo/video of some event you are better served messaging with a Blitzy user in that area.

Not just questions and answers

Blitzy is meant to put in touch its users for any reason. You could for example broadcast a voice message to warn other drivers that a certain road is blocked for an accident and suggest to avoid it. Drivers entering that area will receive the VM. You could use it to arrange a car share, buy and sell products and services and much more. A reputation and reward system will be introduced to make the platform even more engaging and useful.

Create your own platform

Matching between users happens also through categories of interest that users subscribe. We defined some standard categories but you can define your own, insulated from the rest. So you could create the "CourierX" category and ask only users in a certain area to collect a package without distracting other users far from there. Same concepts could be applied to group of users sharing a passion, like snowboard, surf, motorbikes, get the idea.

Advanced user management

Users are warned clearly to not publish bad content, but unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. Moderators can be nominated and their supervision can be restricted to specific geographic areas and categories. Each user can block/unblock other users and also report them to moderators.


While the users are well known to Telegram, because they login with a phone number, Blitzy does not disclose personal data to other users, a unique ID is generated using the first name and a special code, so users can recognize each other but without sharing any personal info.

Multi device/platform

It works on the most common desktop operating systems, tablets and smartphones. Use it on your favorite device.

Let's give a quick look at the user interface.

To send messages to the community:

Select a category

The category is used to match relevant users. You can use standard or custom categories. With custom categories you can kind of create your own platform. You might be able to restrict the messages only within people in very specific fields, e.g. Surfers, Harley riders, Bitcoiners and so on.

Define the message

It can be simple text or anything you send in today messaging apps, like photo, voice and video. Of course the same is true for the messages you receive.

Define the geographic area

Located anywhere in the world with the size you prefer from 1 to 30 kilometers.

Submit the message!

Submit the message to the bot and wait for someone to be in touch with you!

To receive messages from the community:

Define your position

You can enter a city, an address, click a point on a map or use your GPS position. For extremely mobile users the new live locations feature can periodically and automatically update GPS position.

Define preferences

You can specify the type and number of messages you want to receive. Define categories you are interested in, minimum user reputation you want to deal with, minimum reward offered, daily number and time of notifications (*)

Wait for messages

Messages that matches your preferences will be push-notified to you

Earn reputation and rewards

Other users will show their gratitude for your services and your visibility will increase (*)

(*) Features in this color are not yet implemented

Where to go from here?

The app is currently in a very early stage, but still it can be useful. The first and foremost evolution is to engage many users, without them, as any social app, it's not very useful. Spread the voice if you can! ;)
To test it in the early days when there are not many users it's recommended you do it with your friends or using multiple devices. To make the app more engaging soon we will add user reputation and rewards, most probably with a cryptocurrency (*).
Then other messaging platforms might be supported, like Messenger, WeChat, Kik, Skype... And of course user feedbacks might shape the app more than anything else. There is a dedicated channel in the app for that. We look to hear from you!

(*) Bitcoin can already be used by sharing copy/pasted uri strings with wallets, but we'd like an easier, more integrated solution.

Wanna start right now?

It's super easy, you don't have to install anything. To try it inside your browser click here:

Start Blitzy!

However the recommended experience is inside the telegram app, to do so use the app search tool and type "Blitzy" you'll know it's the right one when you see our logo, Logo click it and choose start!

Contact us at: